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Combat Cellulite with Diet, Exercise, and Determination

Losing weight can be a difficult undertaking. Temptations abound and there’s always a great excuse to cheat. But when it comes to burning body fat and keeping it off, a smart dieter takes a multi-pronged approach to the process. Getting rid of fat takes more than diet, supplements or exercise alone. It takes dedication and […]

How To Play The Bidding Game On EBay

Bidding is the act of making an offer for an item that is up for auction. Bidding on eBay however is slightly different, and does not work in exactly the same way as normal auctions, at least in theory. Bidding on eBay is meant to be fun, but remember that all bids on eBay are […]

Skydive for Unbeatable Views, Thrills, and Excitement

Skydiving is a hobby that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. A favorite of those with a penchant for thrills, this hobby can be a little costly, but for those in love with its draw, nothing compares with a clean jump for fun, excitement and pure adrenaline rush. The fun of it all is what […]

Standing Poker Games Are a Sure Bet for Fun

With the creation of literally hundreds of web sites dedicated strictly to poker playing, not to mention the hundreds of casino sites, it’s quite obvious how popular Las Vegas-style play has become. Whether it’s the thrill of dancing with lady luck or the camaraderie of playing with others, the games that take place around a […]

Flashlights Complete The Kit For Emergency Preparation

Being prepared can keep a small emergency from turning into a big one. Whether at home, the office or in the car, it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand to help when help is needed. Good emergency kits not only include medical supplies, but also tools and most especially a flashlight. […]

Eyes Are On Europes Two Major Central Banks Rate Decision

After the BoJ has surprised markets earlier this week when it lowered borrowing cost to a range between 0.0% and 0.1% and said it would establish a new fund to gather 5 trillion yen to be used for purchasing government bonds as well as other assets to boost the economy, Read More Eyes Are On […]

AUDUSD Surges Towards 09850

The US Dollar opened in a rather mixed manner this morning; flip-flopping between gains and losses against the EUR, weaker against commodities commodity currencies, and slightly weaker against the Japanese Yen. This of course follows last night?s US session in which the Greenback sold off across the board, spurred Read More AUDUSD Surges Towards 09850

Australia Comes Up With Some Stellar Employment Data, AUD Just Shy Of AllTime Highs

The US recovery story took another hit overnight as the private ADP employment report came in well below forecasts and cast a shadow over Friday’s non-farm payroll report. The shortfall was a huge -60k, partly offset by an upward revision to last month’s data, but was the worst reading since Read More Australia Comes Up […]

ECB, BOE InAction Before Alcoa Kicks Off The Earnings Season

We clearly broke the 1150-threshold and closed well above the 1150-level yesterday. Seems from the latest price action that investors just want risk (equities). Disappointment in the QE-launch or in the upcoming earnings season could lead to a sharp market correction. Read More ECB, BOE InAction Before Alcoa Kicks Off The Earnings Season